What are the Best Channel Pliers?

What are the Best Channel Pliers?


Adjustable or Channel pliers might not have been that famous in the past due to their superior functionality. Still, due to development in adjustable pliers, they are essential pieces of equipment that deserve a place in your toolbox.

Do you want to invest in a tool that will increase your effectiveness or speed? Well, in this case, you cannot go wrong with the channel pliers or adjustable pliers, to be precise. In the type of pliers, the Channel pliers are also termed as the Tongue and Groove type pliers.

Channel pliers have been made by the American Company “Channellock,” which makes the pliers explicitly made for pinching, grabbing, and adjusting. They are made from high carbon steel or other sturdy materials, while the jaws provide exceptional grip over objects.

In this article, we will talk about some of the best Channel Pliers you can get in the market. So, let’s get started!

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Channellock 12-inch Tongue and Groove Pliers- Best Overall:

The makers of Channel pliers, Channellock, makes one of the finest tongue and groove pliers. In this case, the Channellock 12-inch tongue and groove mode consider when you have a particular need or severe problem.

There some reasons why it is termed as the best Channellock plier; well, for starters, it comes with a heat-treated tooth that makes it super strong and provides exceptional contact ability over nut and bolt head.

This model we are reviewing comes with anti-rust steel manufacturing, which indeed gives a lifetime usage if treated the right way! As a plus point, you can simply do the job of getting the bolts or nuts loose without even stripping them, which is simply a lifesaver!

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Pros and Benefits:

  • Durable and super healthy Heat-Treated teeth
  • Non-slip and anti-rusting design
  • Exceptionally decreases the failures in nut and bot.

Knipex 10-inch Adjustable Cobra Plier:

In case you are a plumber or work commonly around the pipelines, then the Knipex 10-inch Cobra plier works reasonably well around the round pipes of a two-inch diameter.

This feature makes it a unique and genuinely fantastic 10-inch plier. Just like its previous model, this one comes with even better teeth shapes for optimal gripping. However, the teeth are oriented on the opposite of rotation, which aids in the self-locking mechanism.

Aside from all this, Knipex Cobra comes with a pinch guard that makes it hard to get your hand accidentally pinched inside. All in one, you are getting a very handy and functional plier that weighs only 12 pounds,

Pros and Benefit:

  • Larger Capacity with lighter weight for versatile usage
  • Opposite of rotation face, for self-looking teeth mechanism.
  • Comes with a pinch guard that saves from accidental injury

IRWIN 6-Inch Adjustable Plier:

Here is one of the public’s popular choices, and there is a good reason for it too. The IRWIN Six-inch Adjustable Plier comes with jaw adjustments, while with only a press of a button, you can reset the adjustments.

This plier’s main thing is its multi-groove ratcheting system, which simply gives you ideal positioning, that is not provided in other pliers.

Other than all this, it comes with an anti-pinching grip, which lets you avoid pain, backing this is an anti-slip grip material, which simply makes the whole handling process effortless.

All in one, a real value for money; if you are looking for top-line model features in a budget price range, you cannot go wrong with the IRWIN Six-inch Adjustable Plier.

Pros and Benefits:

  • Effortless adjustment of Jaws that can be reset with a single button
  • Comes with a Multi Groove ratcheting system
  • Anti-pinching and Anti-slip grip materials

Tekton 4-1/4 Inch Adjustable Plier:

For some people, Tekton Adjustable plier is the right choice due to its potential to work. It comes along with the angled teeth that give exceptional gripping power like the higher-end models.

IT also comes with an interlocking tongue and groove joint, which doesn’t separate while using it. This not only saves you a lot of time but also reduces the frustration while on the job.

This model we are reviewing comes with naturally corrosion-resistant construction, which gives it durability and lifelong usage in a lightweight design. If you want something that lasts around a decade, then nothing is better than Tekton Adjustable plier.

Pros and Benefits:

  • The model comes with angled teeth for versatile usage.
  • Interlocking mechanism of Tongue and Groove
  • Corrosion-resistant construction for more prolonged use.

IRWIN Vise-Grip Adjustable Pliers Set:

Having a set of Adjustable Pliers might be strange, but there is a whole purpose behind them. This IRWIN Vise-Grip Adjustable plier set comes with an eight-inch, twelve-inch groove lock plier set. This means you are getting three types of great adjustable pliers in a single set.

Each of the products in this set comes with an angled tooth, making the product versatile while not worrying about damaging them. Aside from the three sizes, others are typically useless!

So, why actually get the set when individuals work better? The three sizes you get in the set are the most common ones to use. You might need them in the future if you are a plumber or technician. The price is good, and the quality is even better, so nothing to lose there!

Pros and Benefits:

  • Three pairs of Groove Lock pliers that work exceptionally well
  • Effortless to carry around due to the carrying bag
  • All come with angled teeth for versatile usage.

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Final Thoughts:

Channel pliers have gone through some considerable changes in the last few years, which led them to be an essential piece of equipment inside the toolkit. Either you are an HVAC technician or a plumber, you certainly need the adjustable set of pliers. In this article, we reviewed some of the best Channel-lock pliers you certainly can purchase from.

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Author: Jeff Price